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Army Aviation Takes Off

World War I showed that the airplane was a viable weapon, and the rapid development of air power made it a threat to conventional defenses. Hawai'i was one of many stages upon which military aviation advanced rapidly.

Early aviator
  • July 13, 1913 - Army aviation began in Hawai'i with the arrival of two Signal Corps aeroplanes and a 14-man detachment. They organized a flying school that disbanded after four months.

  • March 1917 - The Sixth Aero Squadron, equipped with improved R-6 and M9C seaplanes arrived at Fort Kamehameha and later moved to Ford Island. They provided aerial fire direction for the coast Artillery batteries defending Pearl Harbor and Honolulu.

  • May 9, 1918 - Major Harold Clark and Sergeant Robert Gray made the first interisland flight between Oahu and Maui in a Curtiss R-6.

  • May 1921 - All O'ahu anti-aircraft assets were placed under the control of the Hawaiian Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Redesignated in 1922 as the 64th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment, it was the first anti-aircraft regiment organized in the Army.

  • 1922 - Aviation elements included observation aeroplanes, balloons, and the 19th Pursuit Squadron at Wheeler Field.

  • 1923 - The first Martin bomber squadron arrived, giving the Army striking power far out to sea, and foreshadowing the demise of Coast Artillery.
  • June 29, 1927 - Army aviators accomplished the first Mainland to Hawai'i flight.

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Original text for the exhibit pages was provided by Barbara Mills.

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