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Korea : A Limited War

The years following the cessation of World War II led to conflict in the small country of Korea. Russia and the evolving People's Republic of China formed and dominated the People's Republic of Korea in North Korea. The 38th parallel had been determined to separate North Korea from the Republic of Korea, supported by the United States, in the south. Mounting tension between North and South Korea culminated on June 25, 1950, when North Korean forces, supported by the Soviet Union, crossed the line and invaded South Korea.

News from home

The United States responded to Communist aggression along with other United Nations forces. The 25th Division from Hawai'i, serving as occupational forces in Japan, was sent to Korea, landing at Pohangdong on July 19. Concurrently the 5th Regimental Combat Team had its colors returned to Hawai'i in 1949 and was recruiting soldiers locally. Ordered into combat, the regiment reached Korea on July 31, 1950 and was committed quickly on the Chinju front.

Thousands of Americans battled the North Koreans and Chinese Communists, while enduring blazing summer heat and bitter winter cold. The war raged up and down the mountainous peninsula from the 38th Parallel to Pusan to the Yalu River and back, until an uneasy truce in 1953. Casualties were heavy in both the 25th Division and 5th Regimental Combat Team. Some 450 soldiers from Hawai'i were killed in action.

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Original text for the exhibit pages was provided by Barbara Mills.

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