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The International Day of Peace more commonly known as World Peace Day is observed annually on the 21st of September. The day was first celebrated in 1981 and continues to be observed in many countries around the world.  The day begins with the United Nations Japanese Peace bell being rung at the UN Headquarters (New York).  The bell was originally a gift from the UN Association of Japan as a reminder of the human cost of war and bears an inscription on its side, “Long live absolute world peace”.

World Peace Day is dedicated to recognizing the absence of war, violence, and is often observed by a temporary cease fire in many combat zones.  Its goal is to allow confrontations and turmoil to pause and embrace peace and all that it represents.  The hope and opportunity for a life filled with a future of promise.

This year our enemy has been one that we cannot touch or see.  COVID19 is a silent attacker and has spread prolifically with no discrimination.  The U.S., like so many countries, is struggling to find their way through this turmoil.  Peace is always the light at the end of every battle and this battle is no different.

So much of this pandemic has been politicized that for some it is almost impossible to determine what the facts are.  But isn’t that the case with every confrontation?   There are always two sides, both strong in their conviction and unwavering.  Maybe the most we can hope for is that a moment of silence, or peace, will allow us to hear the truth.

Hear, what as a society, we need to do win this battle not on our own soil but globally.  Hear, how we need to embrace our humanity and find balance to make headway in all this turmoil.  But most importantly, hear, what our future needs from us so that they can all live in peace and free of this attacker.

And in that same spirit, the Hawaii Army Museum Society hopes everyone takes a moment to reflect and remember those that have sacrificed and how valuable peace is.

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